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Tribute to the George Baker Selection

Music & Lirics by J. Bouwens



Looking back on a track for a little green bag
Looking for some happiness
But there is only loneliness to find.

Jump to the left, turn to the right.
Looking upstairs looking behind.


Sing a song of love.
Sing it and the sun will shine for you.
Sing a song of love.
It’s a song that bring your dreams come true.
Play it like you feel.
I can hear the music in the air.
Sing a song of love.
Yes it will help you,
when it comes right from your heart.

When the sun shines on the mountains.
And the night is on the run.
It’s a new day it’s a new way.
And I fly up to the sun.

Una paloma blanca.
I’m just a bird in the sky.

Una paloma blanca.
Over the mountains I fly.
Yes no one can take
My freedom away.

Morning sky.                              

Let me touch your golden sunlight.
Let me dream away the dark night.
Let me ride your silver clouds.

Morning sky.

Promise me a new tomorrow.
Push away my pain and sorrow.
In Gods golden morning sky.

Sing for the day.
And you’ll see that that everything goes better.
Come on and sing for the day.
And you’ll find that love will come your way.